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About Me

Elisha John Koh

Elisha John Koh

Emcee, Voice Over Artist, Marketing Strategist

Elisha: God my Salvation
John: God is Gracious
Koh: Kingdom of Heaven
My saviour’s grace has given me His Kingdom.

Beloved one.
Irreversibly saved.
Resting in His finished work.
Free from all condemnation.
Enjoying his relationship with Jesus.
Living life a day at a time under His grace.

If you enjoy cooking, photography, playing music,¬†reading, riding or singing, we’d have something to talk about. I blog here to reinforce the lessons learned and leave myself with reminders of the treasures uncovered. So feel free to ask me anything, especially about Jesus!

All pictures on this website are taken from my camera (Panasonic Lumix DMC-GX8), do let me know if any photographs catch your eye.

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